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F & M Insurance is an independent agency. That means we work with several insurance companies to tailor your insurance policy to your needs and to ensure we provide the most competitive pricing.

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Types of Coverage


Help build a guaranteed income stream or a retirement nest egg.



Insure income against the risk that a disability creates a barrier for work.



Financial protection for your family in the event of your passing.


Health insurance covers medical costs and offers other benefits.


Covers damage to your vehicle and other damages for which you're liable.


Repair or replace your home and contents damaged by certain perils.


Covers machinery, buildings, livestock, equipment and more...


A promise by a borrower to pay a lender their principal and usually interest.


Covers losses related to unexpected events like lawsuits.



Protect against either the loss of their crops or loss of revenue .

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Why are my personal auto policy premiums continuing to go up?

Due to inflation and the cost of replacement part costs and the labor to install, along with a higher incidents of losses.

How much homeowners insurance coverage should I have for my dwelling?

The answer to this question can be complex, but the two big parts is having it written with replacement cost coverage and if you are using a current replacement cost calculation on your dwelling, you should be covered adequately.

How can I lower my personal auto policy premium?

Use higher deductibles, have no violations or accidents,  place your auto coverage at the same carrier that covers your homeowners.