Ross Riecke

Ross started his insurance career on October 15, 1981 with Farm Bureau Insurance in Clarkfield.

On July 1, 2009 Ross accepted an agent position with F & M Agency Inc. in Clarkfield.

Ross is married to Kayann, and this past June marks their 46th wedding anniversary.

Ross & Kayann have two children, Nathan Riecke of Clarkfield and Erin Peterson of Dill Worth MN, and four grandchildren.

After 42 years in the insurance business, Ross will be retiring from F&M Agency on 10/27/2023 and will be helping this son, Nathan, in his farming business, getting in a few more rounds of golf, finishing a lot of odd jobs around the house, doing some traveling and spending more time with the grandkids.

Ross says, “That’s my plan, we will see if it works.”

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